Stian Knutsen Survives Against Einarsson Egill

Level 5: 150/300 (300)

Entries: 256 / 296

The Norwegian Stian Knutsen was almost down to his last lifeline (i.e. 7,500 chips, i.e. 25 big blinds) when he found 8-8 in the blinds against an op-raise from Einarsson Egill. Knutsen shoved all-in to which Einarsson, who had him covered also announced all-in. Einarsson showed A-K - a coinflip.

The board ran out K-8-4-2-9 and despite the scary King in the door, Knutsen managed to more than double up.

Stian Knutsen - 16,500
Einarsson Egill - 34,000

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