Staples Doubles Through Sandev

Level 20: 200K/400K (400K)
Entries: 25/450

Georgi Sandev bet 1.2 million on the 9 7 3 flop with about 2.5 million in the pot. partypoker ambassador Matt Staples raised to 2.5 million. Sandev jammed and Staples called off for 5.3 million.

Matt Staples: Q 9
Georgi Sandev: A J

Staples not only had the top pair but also a flush draw. He doubled after the 4 turn and 5 river completed the board to about 16 million in chips. Sandev only had 700,000 left and was on the rail the following hand when his 5 3 didn't get a miracle against A A .

Meanwhile, Ruslav Bratukhin was eliminated during the same hand as Sandev. He came into Day 2 with nearly 8 million in chips but was never in his seat after qualifying to Day 2 via an Online Day 1 at partypoker and not making it to Barcelona for the live portion of the event. Istvan Birizdo was also eliminated at another table around the same time to leave 25 players remaining in the field.

Georgi Sandev
Georgi Sandev

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