Sootla Bluffs, Orav Catches

Level 21: 8,000 / 16,000 (16,000)

Entries: 30 / 648

Ranno Sootla certainly is one of the more active players in the field, probably the most active. We just caught him bluffing in a big(ish) pot against Enri Orav. After Sootla raised from the button, Orav called from the big blind and both players checked until the river. The board read J 10 5 -7 -10 and Orav, led out with a 33k bet. Sootla quickly raised to 145k. Orav thought for a few seconds and then made the call with 7 6 . His small pair was good enough as Sootla could only muster A 6 for ace-high.

Ranno Sootla - Over 1,200,000

Enri Orav - 600,000

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