Some Confusion, a Flip, a Bust and Fonarjovs is Out

Level 19 – 5,000/10,000 (10,000)

Entries: 54 / 652

On table 19 Keimo Suominen raised from the cut-off and behind him, Benjamins Fonarjovs reraised from the button to 65k. After the small blind folded Suominen assumed it was his turn again and folded his hand. He was informed that the big blind was still deliberating his move. While folding out of turn Suominen also accidentally exposed the A .

Toni Hämäläinen in the big blind thought for a long while before moving all-in for effetively 320k. Fonarjovs instantly called. Showdown:

Benjamins Fonarjovs: Q-Q
Toni Hämäläinen: A-K

Fonarjovs was a considerable favorite as one of the outs of Hämäläinen was already gone but the board fell K-9-8-8-9 - giving the Fin the better pair and sending Fonarjovs to the rails.

Toni Hämäläinen - 750,000
Benjamins Fonarjovs - 0

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