Snowmen No Good for Ricci

Level 21: 200K/500K (500K)
Entries: 19/450

Pawel Brzeski open-jammed for 6.4 million from under the gun before Andrea Ricci three-bet shoved over the top for 10.7 million. Duco ten Haven called both players and it was a three-way showdown with both Brzeski and Ricci at risk.

Pawel Brzeski: A J
Andrea Ricci: 8 8
Duco ten Haven: 10 10

Brzeski tripled up after his ace connected on the Q 4 6 A 3 board, while ten Haven's tens won the side pot to eliminate Ricci in 21st place. Meanwhile, Ramon Miquel Muñoz was also eliminated at the feature table second later at another table to bring the field down to 19 players. It appeared to be able a 15 big blind three-bet jam with ace-jack only to run into ace-queen after he was called.

Duco ten Haven - 25 million
Pawel Brzeski - 20 million
Ramon Miquel Muñoz - 0
Andrea Ricci - 0

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