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Skimmeland Rivers a Full House to Beat a Flush

Level 26: 20,000/50,000 (50,000)
Entries: 2/328

Adam Kharman limped from the button with 8 3 before Kurt Skimmeland checked back his option from the big blind with K Q .

Both players checked what could have been an 2 4 Q flop with Kharman holding a flush draw and Skimmeland top pair.

Skimmeland improved to top two pair after the K came on the turn but Kharman pulled far ahead in the hand with a flush. Kharman opted to call and the Q river improved Skimmeland to a full house.

One might have expected all the chips to gone in somewhere along the way this hand. But Kharman kept pot control and simply just called a bet of 300,000 by Skimmeland to lose the minimum.

Adam Kharman - 7.7 million
Kurt Skimmeland - 2.1 million

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