Siljander Wins a “Classic Race” to Oust Lafontaine

Level 18: 125K/250K (250K)
Entries: 34/450

Luc Lafontaine jammed from the cutoff.

"How much?" asked Siljander from the button.

"3.45 million," responded Lafontaine before the dealer had a chance to count.

"That's very precise," responded Siljander before he made he call.

Luc Lafontaine: 3 3
Mathias Siljander: A 9

"Classic race," Siljander said to the table before the 5 K 9 flop pushed him ahead with the better pair. Neither the 7 turn nor the 10 river saved Lafontaine and Siljander took out two players in less than 10 minutes.

Matthias Siljander - 16 million
Luc Lafontaine - 0

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