Siljander Ousts Planisac

Level 18: 125K/250K (250K)
Entries: 35/450

Mathias Siljander opened for 500,000 from the button. Martin Planiscic three-bet jammed from the big blind for 4,825,000 and Siljander called.

Martin Planiscic: 5 5
Mathias Siljander: 6 6

"Not bad so far," Siljander said before the dealer dealt the flop.

Siljander's sixes stayed ahead of fives on the 3 8 4 9 8 board and Palniscic was on the rail in 37th place. Seconds later, Michael Sklenicka hit the rail on another table to leave just 35 hopefuls remaining in the field.

Mathias Siljander - 12 million
Martin Planiscic - 0

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