Siljander Doubles Through Smyth

Level 22: 300K/600K (600K)
Entries: 18/450

Daniel Smyth opened for 1 million from the hijack and was called by Gerry Van Aalst from the small blind before Mathias Siljander jammed for 13 million. Smyth called and Van Aalst folded.

Mathias Siljander: 9 9
Daniel Smyth: A Q

Siljander won the flip after Smyth failed to connect with the 8 J 7 2 6 runout to survive and double his stack. Meanwhile, Ukasz Grossmann hit the rail in 19th place at the feature table.

Mathias Siljander - 28 million
Daniel Smyth - 20 million

Mathias Siljander
Mathias Siljander

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