Set of Jacks Bestowes Double up on Pihela Jr.

Level 6: 200 / 400 (400)

Entries: 249 / 307

Igor Pihela Jr.
Igor Pihela Jr.

Igor Pihela Jr. arrived at a river with the board reading J 10 2 -Q -6 against Roger Bredesen. With more than 30k in the middle, Philea Jr. moved all-in for roughly 20k more. Roger Bredesen who had him covered, asked him whether he had the straight and eventually called.

Philea Jr. did not have the straight, but in fact turned over J J for a flopped set. Bredesen was forced to show his hand: Q 10 for two pair.

Igor Pihela Jr. - 70,000
Roger Bredesen - 15,000

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