Sepponen Triples With Deuces

Level 23: 10k / 25k (25k)

Entries: 21 / 648

Eetu Sepponen
Eetu Sepponen

After losing most of his chips Eetu Sepponen just managed to triple up in a three-way-all-in preflop.

Eetu Sepponen: 2 2

Tanel Evert: A Q

Raymond Vilnes: A J

Board: Q 2 J 6 A

With his set, Sepponen took the main pot and Evert took the side pot against Vilnes.

Eetu Sepponen - 750,000

Tanel Evert - 300,000

Raymond Vilnes - 500,000

Update: Right before the end of the night Sepponen lost most of his stack with two pair against Paulius Kostickis' flush.

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