Sepponen Loses Hand, Hands out Shots

Level 23: 10k / 25k (25k)

Entries: 21 / 648

Eetu Sepponen was in multiple confrontations with his neighbor Vegard Andreassen in the past orbits. Now he found himself losing a huge hand with a bluff against his nemesis.

With 635k in the middle on the turn, the board showed J 10 4 2 and Sepponen, who was in the cut-off checked. Andreassen checked behind. River: J . Now Sepponen slid out 350k, leaving him with 350k behind. Andreassen called and Sepponen instantly mucked his hand.

Andreassen looked ad him: "So weak?". "So weak!" Sepponen replied and handed his opponent a full shot glass that he had ordered earlier. "Drink Up!"

Shots! Eetu Sepponen and Vegard Andreassen

Eetu Sepponen - 350k

Vegard Andreassen - 1,700k

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