Second Bullet for Gokcek

Ant Gokcek
Ant Gokcek

PokerListings caught up with Ant Gokcek on the break and he shared with us that he is on his second bullet.

He shared with us that he lost a good amount of his first bullet with king-queen after calling bets on the ace-king-ten flop and a blank turn. He folded to a shove on the river and then lost the rest on a flip as follows.

Gokcek with ace-eight suited flopped a flush draw on an ace-high board and got his chips in against ace-king. No love came for Gokcek on the turn and river to temporarily hit the rail.

Gokcek's family is in Tallinn with him, and he got to see his wife and baby during the break. Perhaps this will also lead to some love for Gokcek as well for his second bullet on Day 1b.

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