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Ruuska Pays Off Juutilainen

Level 13: 1,000/2,500 (2,500)
Entries: 73/285

Just before the blinds went up, Timo Ruuska checked with about 50,000 in the pot and the 7 A 5 J Q on the board. Henri Juutilainen jammed for about 65,000 and Ruuska went into the tank for more than five minutes, during which time the blinds went up.

Ruuska was chatting in Finnish to Juutilainen and then later to himself and back to Juutilainen again. Eventually, the clock was called and Ruuska found a call.

Ruuska muttered in frustration after Juutilainen turned over K 7 for a flush.

"I don't have to show," said Ruuska as he began to count out the chips he owed to his opponent.

The floor told him he had to show, and he turned over A 3 . Straight after, the table broke and players were assigned new seats.

Henri Juutilainen - 180,000
Timo Ruuska - 50,000

Henri Juutilainen
Henri Juutilainen

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