Roy Sorknes Survives a Flip

Level 4: 200 / 200 (200)

Entries: 251 / 269

Over at table 18 Roy Sorknes was getting critically short, but managed to find a double up against Mart Tammoja.

On a 7 7 3 with already a couple thousand in the middle, Sorknes bet 5k - half his remaining stack and Tammoja moved all-in. Sorknes called instantly. Showdown:

Roy Sorknes - 9 9
Mart Tammoja - A K

Turn and River fell 3 and 10 - no help for Tammoja and he had to pay off Sorknes. Booth have almost the same amount if chips now.

Roy Sorknes - 26k
Mart Tammoja - 27k

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