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Rough Luck for Evy Albrigtsen

Level 9: 500/1,000 (1,000)
Entries: 135/275

Evy Albrigtsen opened for 2,200 and was called by Aistis Sandaras. Albrigtsen bet 6,000 on the 4 3 5 flop and Sandaras called. Another bet of 6,500 followed by Albrightsen on the J turn and Sandaras called again.

The 8 river completed the board. Albrightsen bet 6,500 with about 24,000 behind. Sandaras tanked for a couple of minutes before he jammed. Albrigtsen paused for about 30 seconds before she made the sigh-call.

Albrightsen turned over A J for top pair but got rivered by Sandaras who nailed a set of snowmen with 8 8 to win the hand. While Evy won't be re-entering, her husband Ronnie is doing quite well with a stack of 75,500.

Aistis Sandaras - 95,000
Ronny Albrightsen - 75,500
Evy Albrightsen - 0

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