Ritrovato goes out in 5th (€ 30,100)

Ritrovato, who got a penalty for his Italian language use before, went out in 5th place. He has kept himself very quite throughout the final table, besides a 3-bet in the beginning of the unofficial final table, he didn't get much going.

Salvatore finally found a decent hand and went all-in for his last remaining 1,6M (3BB), he got called by the Argentinian Jacques Blit, and from Favaloro as well. They all saw a flop of 9 K 8 , and Favalero and Blit checked down the A turn and the 5 . When the cards were opened, Salvatore could start packing his bags, to hit the rail.

Blit A 4

Salvatore K Q

Favaloro 7 7

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