Tough time for Borghetti

Luciano Borghetti, already for a long while in the poker industry, was the first one to act and he had his cards in front of him, but just over the line. It seemed that he usually plays like that. He did however play with chips as well and put a pile of around 8 to 10 chips of 100,000 each across the line and place them on the table, and picking them up quickly again.

The dealer called the floor, and the floor ruled it would be a call of the big bling, for 250,000. Small Blind limped in, and the big blind checked.

Flop came [Qx][5x][5x], flop was some action, turn arrived a [3x]. After both players checked, they saw the [Kx] river. On which it went all-in. Borghetti showed [Kx][10x], but Ritrovato showed [9x][5x] for a flopped 3-of-a-kind.


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