Quang Doan Gets Three Streets of Value

Level 23: 10k / 25k (25k)

Entries: 22 / 648

Quang Doan
Quang Doan Quang Doan

At table 13 Quang Doan was moved directly before chip leader Kalle Mikkonen. Doan just managed to win more than 500k chips from Mikkonen.

Everyone folded to Doan in the small blind and he limped in. Mikkonen checked his option. Flop: A 8 4 . Doan bet 75k and Mikkonen called. Turn: 3 . Doan bet 150k and was called again. River: J . Now Doan bet 300k and Mikkonen called a third time. Doan tabled A 3 and Mikkonen could only shrug and muck.

Quang Doan - 1.2 million

Kalle Mikkonen - 1.9 million

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