Quad Tens for Picone

Level 17: 100K/200K (200K)
Entries: 47/450

After a flurry of eliminations to start the day, the action slowed down with no player hitting the rail for at least 20 minutes. That all changed with Igor Picone eliminating Jeffrey Cormier in 48th place as follows:

Cormier jammed for 2.5 million from early position. Picone came in over the top from the button and the rest of the table folded.

Jeffrey Cormier: 4 4
Igor Picone: 10 10

Cormier was already out of his seat even before the 5 K 10 flop had him nearly drawing dead with Picone flopping a set of tens. Picone improved to quads on the 10 turn and Cormier was officially on the rail after the 7 river completed the board.

Igor Picone - 9 million
Jeffrey Cormier - 0

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