Quad Sevens for Polon

Level 23: 10,000/25,000 (25,000)

Entries: 20/648

Reeti Polon
Reeti Polon

Reeti Polon jammed for about 10 big blinds from late position with 7 7 and was called by Ranno Sootla from the blinds with 4 4 .

Polon flopped quads on the 10 7 7 flop. The table erupted as Sootla was drawing dead. The double was official for Polon after the 2 turn and 3 river completed the board.

Meanwhile, Keimo Suominen lost his short stack shortly before leaving just 20 players remaining with just minutes remaining on Level 23.

Ranno Sootla - 1,500,000

Reeti Polon - 600,000

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