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Quad Fives for Krchnar

Level 10: 600/1,200 (1,200)
Entries: 202/446

We caught up with a hand where on the turn Matus Kucera raise-jammed the turn with the 5 5 6 4 on the board for about 20 big blinds and was called by Marek Krchnar.

Marek Kchnar: 5 5
Matus Kucera: J J

Kucera would have normally had a great hand with jacks on this type of board but was already drawing dead with Kchnar waking up with quad fives. The pot was shipped over to Kchnar after the Q completed the board on the river.

Kucera was back at it again in a four-bet pot and his stack committed with A K against another players' Q Q . Kucera won the flip after his king connected with the 5 5 K 4 8 board to double his stack.

Matus Kucera - 120,000
Marek Kchnar - 100,000

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