PLO Masterclass Instructor Hazan Re-Enters

Level 5: 200/400 (400)
Entries: 297/349

J.J. Hazan hosted a PLO Masterclass earlier this week at The Festival Series Bratislava. Feedback from players was great but now he will take his chances in a two-card event. Hazan also was one of the commentators this week for The Festival Series live stream.

We know that Hazan can also play well with two cards as during the last The Festival Series Bratislava in 2021, he won the PokerListings Deepstack for €7,375.

Hazan ran into a bit of a cooler early on Day 1d of this Main Event as he held top two pair with ace-queen. However, his opponent flopped a set of tens. All the chips went into the middle and Hazan immediately re-entered.

J.J. Hazan - 30,000

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