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Pizanti Doubles Through Hissou

Level 4: 5K/10K (10K)
Entries: 86/97

Sirzat Hissou bet 100,000 into a pot of slightly more on the 3 3 5 flop. One player called before Sandro Pizanti jammed for 520,000. Hissou called about 30 seconds later and the other player folded.

Sandro Pizanti: 8 3
Sirzat Hissou: 4 3

Both players had trips but Pizanti had the better kicker. Pizanti had his opponent drawing dead after the 8 turn improved his hand to a full house. The double-up was official after the J river completed the board.

In other news, the field has grown to 97 entries. This matches the Day 1a field size with about four hours to go in late registration.

Sandro Pizanti - 1.2 million
Sirzat Hissou - 500,000

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