Piroux Loses His Short Stack

Level 16: 80K/160K (160K)
Entries: 56/450

Romain Piraux jammed from middle position for 1.1 million. Imad Derwiche called from the small blind before Sergio Alonso jammed for more than the 4 million Derwiche still had behind. Derwiche went into the tank and appeared visibly frustrated muttering to himself before he folded.

Romain Piraux: 10 9
Sergio Alonso: Q Q

Piraux had some hope after his nine connected on the 9 3 4 flop. But that as far as it went for Piroux as he was eliminated by Alonso after bricking both the 8 turn and 6 river.

Sergio Alonso - 11 million
Imad Derwiche - 4 million
Romain Piroux - 0

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