Vasiljevs Takes Out Three Players with Queens

Level 8: 400/800 (800)

Entries: 228/356

We caught up to Table 19 with four players all in. It seemed like it could have been five with Phenporn Laatikainen already having 10,000 in the pot. After a minute of tanking, she opted to fold.

Kristian Aksnes (8K) - 7 5

Jari Porkka (9K) - A A

Monica Thingbo (10K) - 10 10

Janis Vasiljevs (90K) - Q Q

Piller by far had all the players covered and quickly got ahead of Porkka's aces and stayed ahead of his other two opponents after he nailed a set on the Q 8 5 flop. The 4 turn nor the 7 kept Piller ahead to scoop up the pot and send three players to the rail in a single hand.

Janis Vasiljevs - 135,000

Kristian Aksnes - 0

Jari Porkka - 0

Monica Thingbo - 0

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