Pawel Brzeski Eliminated in Eighth Place (€29,000)

Level 26: 800,000/1,600,000 (1,600,000)
Entries: 7/450

Just after the blinds increased, another player exited the final table to leave seven players remaining as follows.

Luuk Gieles opened for 3.2 million from the cutoff with A Q before Pawel Brzeski jammed for 25.3 million from the small blind with a pair of deuces. Gieles called and the coin flip was on.

The 10 10 A 3 K board paired Gieles’s ace giving him a better two pair and Pawel Brzeski was eliminated in eighth place for €29,000.

Luuk Gieles - 84.6 million
Pawel Brzeski - 0

Pawel Brzeski
Pawel Brzeski

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