Pavle Pecelj takes one

Pecelj had called from the big blind pre-flop, after Ribatallada had opened the action to 25,000 from the button. Pecelj asked how much the Spaniard was playing prior calling the raise.

Flop 3 5 5

They tangled on the flop, bringing the size of the pot to 180,000.

Turn gave the Q and now Pecelj put in a decent bet of 57,000. Ribatallada went for a long time in the tank, being part of his game strategy it seems. He generously folded his hand and play resumed.

Pecelj is looking for yet another cash in a big live event here in Malta as he had cashed in the Battle of Malta Main Event earlier this year, as well as at the Malta Poker Festival Main Event.

Pavle Pecelj420,000
Ribatallada Ruiz Jordi180,000

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