Paulius Kostickis Eliminated in 4th Place(€20,700)

Level 28: 50k / 100k
Entries: 4 / 648 Entries

Paulius Kosticki
Paulius Kosticki

Right after we lost Vegard Andreassen in 5th place, Paulius Kostickis - who was one of the most active players at the table - followed him to the rails.

Mikko Ylämäki found K K on the button and raised to 200k. In the small blind Kostickis looked down at A K and moved all-in. After the call both went to showdown. The board brought no Paulius Kostickis no help as it fell 9 3 2 -8 -Q .

With that hand, we're down to 3 players and Mikko Ylämäki has two-thirds of the chips in play.

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