Paulius Kostickis Backs Into a Chop

Level 27: 40k / 80k
Entries: 6 / 648 Entries

Paulius Kostickis
Paulius Kostickis cannot lose

Mikko Ylämäki found A Q on the button and raised to 175k. In the small blind Paulius Kostickis raised to 600k with A 8 .

After the big blind folded, Ylämäki called the re-raise.

Flop: 10 10 5

With both players having whiffed the flop, Kostickis bet out 400k into the 1,4M pot. Ylämäki thought for a while and called.

Turn: 3

Now both players checked.

River: 5

Again both players were happy enough with the situation and checked.

With the way the board ran out, both players chopped the pot.

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