“Patrik Junior” Triples His Short Stack

Level 14: 1,500/3,000 (3,000)
Entries: 62/285

Elias Suhonen was just referred to as "Patrik Junior" by local hero Ranno Sootla. Sootla was most likely referencing the Finnish poker legend Patrik Antonius, but we will need to confirm this later. The next hand, Suhonen jammed for about five big blinds from early position. Dangiras Kuzulis called from one seat over as did Sam Lau from the big blind.

Both Lau and Kuzulis checked the K 8 4 flop and Lau also checked the 5 turn. Kuzulis bet 6,000 and Lau called. Both players checked down the 6 river, which put four hearts on the board.

None of the three players showed any hearts when the cards were turned over. Suhonen managed to triple his stack by rivering a straight with A 7 . Meanwhile, Kuzulis won the small side pot when his Q Q was good against Lau's A 6 .

Sam Lau - 200,000
Dangiras Kuzulis - 150,000
Elias Suhonen - 50,000

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