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Oestergaard Delivers Bad Beat to Potti-Jussi

Level 13: 1,000/3,000 (3,000)
Entries: 336/1,236

Jussi Mattila, known to friends as Potti-Jussi, limped from the small blind. Erik Oestergaard raised to 43,000 leaving him about 32,000 left in his stack. Mattila three-bet jammed and Oestergaard went into the tank before he called.

Erik Oestergaard: A 3
Jussi Mattila: A 9

Mattila remained ahead after the Q K 4 flop and after the 2 turn. However, the 3 river spiked the board to save Oestergaard. Mattila slammed the table out of frustration.

"Well played," Mattila said sarcastically to Oestergaard.

"Thank you," said Oestergaard.

Mattila was smiling shortly after as he has been around long enough to know anything can happen in poker.

Erik Oestergaard - 150,000
Jussi Mattila - 60,000

Erik Oestergaard
Erik Oestergaard

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