O’Dwyer to Re-Enter on Break

Level 12: 20K/40K (40K)
Entries: 6/10

Stephen O'Dwyer three-bet jammed for 110,000 and was called by Gergely Kulcsar.

Stephen O'Dwyer: 8 8
Gergely Kulcsar: A 10

O'Dwyer lost the flip after Kulczar's ace found a partner on the A 7 Q 3 J runout. Players went on a break after the hand. O'Dwyer confirmed with PokerListings that he will re-enter on the break. Meanwhile, Latvia's Vitalijs Korhs also got into action.

The final table will move to the TV table and be broadcasted on a 30-minute delay after the break. To avoid spoilers, PokerListings will report on the same delay.

PlayerCountryChipsBig Blinds
Teun MulderNetherlands3,495,00070
Vincent CavaillesFrance2,005,00040
Gergely KulcsarHungary1,760,00035
Stephen O'DwyerIreland1,000,00020
Vitalijs KorhsLatvia1,000,00020
Jelle MoeneNetherlands740,00015

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