O’Dwyer Ousts Kulcsar

Level 20: 200K/400K (400K)

Gergely Kulcsar jammed for 5.9 million from the hijack before Stephen O'Dwyer came in over the top with a rejam to 7.4 million from the cutoff. Christophe Pommier four-bet jammed from the button for a bit more and it was a three-way showdown after the players in the blinds folded.

Gergely Kulcsar: A 7
Stephen O'Dwyer: J J
Christophe Pommier: A K

O'Dwyer's jacks improved to a set but he wouldn't have needed the jack anyway on the 7 Q 2 J runout to eliminate Kulcsar and double through Pommier.

Stephen O'Dwyer - 22 million
Christophe Pommier - 7.5 million
Gergely Kulcsar - 0

Stephen O'Dwyer
Stephen O'Dwyer

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