O’Dwyer Extends Lead Before First Break

Level 26: 800,000/1,600,000 (1,600,000)
Entries: 6/450

Steve O’Dwyer opened for 3.7 million from the button with K J . Luuk Gieles defended his big blind with Q 9 and the dealer peeled off the 6 9 6 to temporarily push Gieles ahead with two pair.

Gieles check-called a bet of 2.3 million before O’Dwyer pulled ahead of the hand by pairing his jack on the J turn. 

O’Dwyer bet 7.3 million after Gieles checked and got a call. The 3 completed the board on the river to give O’Dwyer the checkmark. Gieles checked again before O’Dwyer bet 15 million. A couple of minutes went by before Gieles folded and O’Dwyer won yet another pot at the final table.

After the hand, the players went on a 15-minute break. Blinds will increase to 1M/2M with a 2M big blind ante after the break. Here is a look at the chip counts and effective big blinds for the remaining players.

SeatPlayer Chips Big Blinds
1Luuk Gieles       55,300,000 28
3Taras Khilko       44,600,000 22
5Daniel Smyth       60,700,000 30
7Igor Picone       46,900,000 23
8Stephen O'Dwyer     136,200,000 68
9Gergely Bartos      102,200,000 51
Total     445,900,000 223
Average       74,316,667 37

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