O’Dwyer Extends Chip Lead

Level 31: 3,000,000/6,000,000 (6,000,000)
Entries: 2/450

Steve O’Dwyer limped the button. Luuk Gieles raised to 22 million and O’Dwyer called.

Both players checked the 8 2 Q flop. Gieles checked again on the 8 turn and Gieles check-called a bet of 15 million.

The 10 completed the board on the river. Gieles checked and O’Dwyer bet 40 million with his rivered two pair. Gieles tanked for a couple of minutes before he found a call only to get the bad news. After the hand, O’Dwyer extended his chip lead to a nearly 3:1 chip advantage.

Steve O’Dwyer - 329 million
Luuk Gieles - 117 million

Luuk Gieles & Steve O'Dwyer
Luuk Gieles & Steve O'Dwyer

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