O’Dwyer Eliminates Kulcsar on the Bubble

Level 15: 40,000/80,000 (80,000)
Entries: 2/10

Gergely Kulscar
Gergely Kulscar

Gergely Kulcsár jammed for 580,000 from the button with J 7 and was called by Stephen O’Dwyer with K 3 from the big blind.

Kulcsar was unable to connect with the 10 Q 5 3 9 board and was eliminated on the bubble.

Mulder had a small edge to start heads-up play with both Mulder and O'Dwyer locking up €29,100. The winner will not only go home with a trophy but a €67,900€67,900 top prize. The tournament went on a short break before the heads-up battle began.

Teun Mulder - 5.5 million
Stephen O’Dwyer - 4.5 million
Gergely Kulcsar - 0

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