O’Dwyer Doubles Through Mulder with a Full House

Level 13: 25,000/50,000 (50,000)
Entries: 5/10

Stephen O'Dwyer
Stephen O'Dwyer

Teun Mulder jammed the button for 3.8 million with Q J . Stephen O’Dwyer called off for 925,000 with A K from the small blind to create a heads-up pre flop showdown with O’Dwyer at risk.

The 6 K 2 flop put O’Dwyer miles ahead and he had Mulder drawing dead with trips after the K turn. As if that wasn’t enough, O’Dwyer ended the hand with a full house after the 6 river double-paired the board to earn a double-up against Mulder.

Meanwhile, Vincent Cavailles, who just won a sizable pot against Mulder, was in the chip lead after the hand.

Vincent Cavailles - 3.0 million
Teun Mulder - 2.9 million
Stephen O'Dwyer - 2.0 million

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