Nordbotten Picks off a Bluff

Level 1: 25/50

Entries: 166/168

Svein Nordbotten checked on the river with about 4,000 in the pot and the K 3 A 9 K on the board. Einar Omarsson fired out for 3,500. Nordbotten made the call and players showed their hands. Omarsson didn't have much with J 10 and the pot went over to Nordbotten who turned over A 10 for two pair (aces over kings).

Meanwhile, at another table, Maksim Petrov, who fired two bullets on Day 1a, lost his first bullet on Day 1b and has already re-entered with hopes that his second bullet will be the one.

Svein Nordbotten - 35,000

Einar Omarsson - 25,000

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