No title for Cyprus this time!

Marios Mansour, one of the shorter stacks at the start of this final day of the Grand Prix event, moved already quite as few times all-in throughout the period of play, but never got a call from anyone. Until this hand:

Mansour reraised all-in with Q 7 on the flop which showed 6 10 7 , and Ferro with the immediate call with A 10 .

The turn have an A and left Mansour just with two outs to stay alive. With the 2 on the river, his tournament was over.

Mansour, whose partner was railing throughout the entire tournament closely, got a very decent result and perhaps it ramps up his motivation to do well during the Europeans Poker Tour, later in Cyprus. He had a great experience in Malta, even though he hoped for a better result of course. He cashed for € 19,600.00.

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