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No Repeat Champion as Zitting Hit the Rail

Level 10: 600/1,200 (1,200)
Entires: 121/185

Kristian Zitting won last year's Summer Showdown Main Event for €56,500. That event attracted a record 286 entries with this year's Main Event coming up one short.

Zitting shared with PokerListings that he got it in with two pair but was beat by a better two pair.

A funny story took place last night with Zitting who was deep in the €550 SSD but also playing at the same time online. He didn't notice an under-the-gun open and thought it folded around to him in the big blind. He flashed the table his pocket kings and the floor was called over. He was told he could either fold or play his hand. He opted to play and got his opponent to fold tens.

Also during this event, Zitting shared he was heads-up in a $250 buy-in tournament. He was in a spot near the bubble of the €550 SSD and was unable to pay attention to his online event and got blinded out by his opponent. He still managed to collect around $5,000 in that event, which will cover a few buy-ins today.

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