Nastasi is here to Win

Eros Nastasi, one of the many Italians out here, just got a massive pile of chips pushed towards him as he busted out a player with powerful play.

  • Nastasi was at the Small Blind, and made a 3-bet to 400,000. His opponent made the call and both saw the flop of 6 J 3 . First one to act, Nastasi, continued for 350,000 which got quickly called. The turn Q made Nastasi put in the tank, before barrelling through with 525,000. His opponent thought for a bit, and announced himself to be all-in. It was not much which Nastasi had to add to it to make the call, and so he did.

Nastasi: Q 9

Opponent: A J

The river was neither of his opponent's cards, and Nastasi chipped up to approximately 5,000,000 in chips.

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