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Moene Over 6 Million After Winning the Battle of the Blinds

Level 15: 60K/120K (120K)
Entries: 30/145

Jelle Moene
Jelle Moene

In a battle of the blinds, Jelle Moene three-bet from the big blind to 1,215,000 and was called by Aliaksey Kazakevich from the small blind.

Kazakevich donk-bet the 6 9 J flop for 780,000. Moene went into the tank for a minute before he jammed for less than 4 million. Kazakevich then paused for about a minute before he opted to fold. This was enough to push Moene over 6 million chips.

Meanwhile, the action is down to 30 players. So it is likely that the upcoming break will be the final break of Day 1c with 22 players advancing in the money for at least min-cash of €5,000.

Jelle Moene - 6.5 million
Aliaksey Kazakevich - 4.2 million

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