Moene Doubles Through Derwiche

Level 11: 15K/35K (35K)
Entries: 5/7

Jelle Moene
Jelle Moene

Jelle Moene opened for 70,000 from the cutoff and was called by Imad Derwiche from the button. Moane bet 35,000 on the 4 8 8 flop. Derwiche jammed and Moane called off for 370,000.

Jelle Moene: A 8
Imad Derwiche: Q 9

"Nice flop for me," said Moene.

Derwiche was unable to get past Moane's trips after the 9 turn and 6 river completed the board and was down to fumes after the hand.

Jelle Moene - 1 million
Imad Derwiche - 200,000

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