Mikkonen Doubles Through Sootla to Take the Lead

Level 19: 5,000/10,000

Entries: 58/562

Fireworks erupted on Table 16 between former chip leader Ranno Sootla and current chip leader Kalle Mikkonen.

Mikkonen four-bet preflop and Sootla called to create a pot of around 350,000. Sootla called a bet of 100,000 on the 4 J 8 flop before both players checked the 7 turn. Sootla checked again after the A river completed the board. A short while later, Mikkonen jammed for 501,000.

Sootla went into the tank for about 10 minutes even at one point telling his tablemates it would be fair if they called the floor. Several more minutes passed before Joel Salmirinne did call the floor.

"That's fair," said Sootla.

The floor told Sootla he had just 30 seconds to act. With just seconds remaining, he opted to make the call. Mikkonen turned over A J for two pair and Sootla nearly tossed his hand in the muck before the dealer asked him to show his A Q . After the hand, the lead change was exchanged between the two players.

Kalle Mikkonen - 1.6 million

Ranno Sootla - 1.1 million

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