Mikko Ylämäki Whiffs; Down to 5M

Level 32: 100k / 200k (200k)
Entries: 2 / 648 Entries

From the button Mikko Ylämäki limped with J 4 . Mikk checked with 10 6 .

Flop: 9 4 2 . Mikk checked, Ylämäki made it 200k and Mikk elected to check-raise to 700k. Ylämäki called the raise.

Turn: 10 . Now Mikk hit top pair and elected to check to the raiser. Ylämäki checked behind.

River: 9 . Mikk checked his top pair again and Ylämäki checked his whiffed draw with a low pair behind.

Kaido Mikk - 14M
Mikko Ylämäki - 5M

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