Mikk Takes One Off Ylamaki with a Full House

Level 27: 40,000/80,000 (80,000)

Entries: 8/848

Mikko Ylamaki opened for 175,000 from the hijack with A 3 and was called by Kaido Mikk from the big blind with 8 8 .

Mikk check-called for 150,000 on the 2 J 2 flop before both players checked the 8 turn. 

Mikk already had a full house when the A river completed the board to give Ylamaki a flush and led out for 200,000. Ylamaki raised to 800,000 and bled some chips after Mikk called with the winning hand.

Mikko Ylamaki - 5.1 million

Kaido Mikk - 4.7 million

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