Mikk Picks up a Huge Bluff

Level 5: 150 / 300 (300)

Entries: 253 / 283

At table 8 we just witnessed the end of an immense clash with more than 95k chips in the middle.

We came to the table on the river and the board read 7 Q 5 -Q -9 with roughly 30k in the middle. The two players involved in this hand were Justus Kursi and Kaido Mikk.

After Mikk checked, Kursi elected to shove all-in for a bit more than 30k. Mikk, who had him barely covered, quickly called. Kursi immediately mucked his cards and got up to leave. The dealter turned the mucked cards over: A 10 for a huge bluff.

Mikk tabled his K K and collected the 95k pot.

Kaido Mikk - 95,000
Justus Kursi - 0

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