Mikk Ousts Polon with Seven-Four Suited

Level 23: 10,000/25,000 (25,000)

Entries: 18/648

Reeti Polon
Reeti Polon

Reeti Polon recently doubled his stack but his chips went over to Kaido Mikk. Mikk jammed from the small blind with seven-four suited and was called by Polon from the big blind. It was almost looking like another double-up for Polon after the king-king-six flop and a queen on the turn. But Mikk connected with his four on the river to eliminate Mikk and his stack grew to 1.5 million.

Shortly after, Olav Snidel hit the rail in 19th place and the remaining 18 players are now bagging up their stacks into Day 3.

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