Mikk Finds a Nine to Double Up

Level 23: 10k / 25k (25k)

Entries: 22 / 648

Kaido Mikk
Kaido Mikk

After the Redraw Kaido Mikk found himself at the same table as Kalle Ly. Mikk only had 12 big blinds and got all of those in the middle against Ly before the flop. Showdown:

Kaido Mikk: A-9

Kalle Ly: A-Q

Ly had the better kicker to his ace, but Mikk had luck on his side as the board ran out 6-4-2-6-9, giving him a pair on the river.

"Now I'm going to win the tournament", he explained after the hand. We're not certain about that, but he has an average stack now and a fighting chance.

Kaid Mikk - 800k

Kalle Ly - 900k

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